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Episode 16: Building a Strong Startup Foundation with Suraya Turk | Monday Legal

Get ready to be inspired! Episode 16 is now available

Join our host, Ahmed Elnaggar, as we delve into the world of startups and entrepreneurs with our special guest speaker, Suraya Turk, Managing Partner at Legal Circle. With her extensive experience, she's set to share invaluable insights on the startup journey. Our latest episode addresses common pitfalls and offers solutions.

Furthermore, we’ll explore the essential questions investors ask and the key factors they consider. From finding the perfect free zone to securing funding, we've got you covered!

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Episode 15: A Look at the UAE's New Abortion Framework with Clotilde Iaia-Polak | Monday Legal

Evolving Rights in the UAE!

The UAE recently amended its legal framework on abortion, expanding the circumstances under which abortions are permitted and easing the rules. This is a significant change for women's healthcare access in the country!

Our new podcast episode explores this critical update with Ahmed Elnaggar and legal expert Clotilde Iaia-Polak, Managing Partner at Yungo Law. They provide a comprehensive breakdown of this important update and offer clear insights. 

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Episode 14: Beyond Misconceptions about the UAE & the Evolving Legal Landscape with Michael Lane | Monday Legal

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In this episode, Ahmed Elnaggar and our guest speaker, Michael Lane, Head Legal at SWISS GROUP and President of the Swiss Business Council United Arab Emirates, discuss the fascinating comparison between the UAE and Switzerland. They focus on specific sectors for growth, leading to the nickname of the UAE as the "Switzerland of the Middle East."

But the discussion doesn't stop there - they also explore the legalities of serving clients in the UAE, including the advanced KYC and onboarding processes that have become even more secure.

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Episode 13: From Onboarding Clients to Closing Real Estate Deals: Legal Expert Veronika Chastukhina | Monday Legal

The Real Estate Business Efficiency, Compliance and Legalities

Episode 13 of Monday Legal is LIVE now! Join Ahmed Elnaggar and our guest speaker Veronika Chastukhina, General Legal Counsel at Whitewill Dubai – UAE as they unlock the secrets to working faster and achieving top results in the real estate industry.

Understand how to build high-performing teams, prioritize client focus, and navigate the crucial connection between brokers & legal departments. Discover essential compliance and KYC procedures, and the most common mistakes real estate investors make in the UAE.

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Episode 12: Legal Research in the Age of LegalTech with Nadim Jisr | Monday Legal

Watch Episode 12 now to understand The Classic vs Modern Legal Skills!

Technology is transforming the way you should approach legal research. Join Ahmed Elnaggar’s conversation with the infamous Nadim Jisr, Editorial Lead at Thomson Reuters. They’ll discuss the impact of technology, the importance of critical thinking, and how law schools can prepare students for success in a rapidly changing world.

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Episode 11: Trademark Secrets Unlocked with Mari Ribeiro! | Monday Legal

Our newest episode features a captivating conversation with Mari Ribeiro, a seasoned Trademark Lawyer.

She'll debunk the myth of global trademark protection, explaining the crucial steps businesses need to take to expand their brand internationally. Our host Ahmed Elnaggar and guest speaker Mari Ribeiro will equip entrepreneurs with a clear roadmap to handle brand infringement effectively.

Listen now and learn actionable tips to build a brand fortress around your business!

Episode 10: The Legal Mind & The Balanced Life with Ammar El Banna | Monday Legal

Episode 10 is finally here!

Our special guest is Ammar El Banna, Managing Partner at Khodeir & Partners UAE. He will take us through his legal journey, sharing his experiences with some of the most intriguing white-collar crime cases. He will also provide valuable insights on maintaining mental well-being.

Tune in to learn how to succeed and preserve your sanity.

Episode 9: Protecting Your Future: Essential Family Law Knowledge with Clotilde Iaia-Polak | Monday Legal

Divorce in the UAE? We've got you covered!
Join Ahmed Elnaggar and Clotilde Iaia-Polak a Managing Partner at Yungo Law, Solicitor (UK), and Avvocato (Italy) on Episode 9 as they dissect the legalities.

 This episode dives into:

  • Navigating the differences between ADJD and Dubai divorce processes.
  • Understanding common conflicts and financial abuse.
  • Child support and recent regulation changes.
  • Cohabitation and its impact on children.

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Episode 8: The Legal Side of the Game: A Conversation with Karim Abaza | Monday Legal

Our conversation with Sports Law expert Karim Abaza is now live!

This episode will tackle everything from the regulations governing player transfers to the legalities of protecting coaches and athletes. Curious about the future of sports investment in the UAE? We'll cover that too!

Get ready for an insightful conversation that will change the way you see the game!

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Episode 7: The Compliance Challenge: Can You Keep Up? with Jody Giordano | Monday Legal

Our NEW podcast episode is LIVE!

Our host Ahmed Elnaggar invites the Compliance Expert Jody Giordano to episode 7! Feeling overwhelmed by the Compliance obligations as a DNFBP? This episode is your roadmap to navigating the complexities of corporate service provider compliance. Learn what should you do when you find a gap in your processes, and ensure your business thrives!

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Episode 6: In the Legal Arena: Mohamed Ibrahim Abdelrehiem's Perspective on Rental and Employment Disputes | Monday Legal

Our latest episode is now available!

Join our host Ahmed Elnaggar for an enlightening conversation with our esteemed guest speaker, Mohamed Ibrahim Abdelrehiem, Partner and Head of Litigation UAE at IBRAHIM .N. PARTNERS.

In this episode, Mohamed Ibrahim Abdelrehiem and our host will share insights from their legal journey, discussing crucial aspects such as legal liability for real estate brokers, the complexities of rental disputes, legal liabilities in real estate transactions, and the importance of clear jurisdiction clauses to safeguard interests.

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Episode 5: UAE's Evolution: From Tax Changes to Economic Substance with Urs Stirnimann | Monday Legal

In our upcoming podcast episode, our host Ahmed Elnaggar introduces you to a new guest Urs Stirnimann, a seasoned professional with over three decades of invaluable experience spanning the financial and legal realms across the Middle East and Latin America. Join us as Urs Stirnimann shares his remarkable journey, from spearheading special missions for the Red Cross to leading prominent banking institutions in Switzerland and the Caribbean.

From the allure of the UAE as a prime destination for entrepreneurs to the crucial importance of effective networking, Urs Stirnimann offers invaluable wisdom for those looking to thrive in this diverse and vibrant market. Don't miss out on this enlightening conversation, where every word is a nugget of wisdom for aspiring business leaders and seasoned professionals alike.

Delve into the revolutionary advancements in legal education with the Swiss Academy, where tradition meets innovation. Since 2004, the Swiss Academy has been at the forefront of financial training and legal matters. Today, they pioneer courses on cutting-edge topics like crypto blockchain, compliance, and offshore intricacies.

Stay ahead of the curve with their upcoming course offering a comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape in the UAE. Urs Stirnimann sheds light on the transformative power of technology, emphasizing how AI has revolutionized legal research, empowering practitioners to access information instantaneously. Swiss Academy stands for bridging the gap in legal education for foreign lawyers seeking to navigate the UAE's dynamic environment.

Episode 4: Legaltech: Expert Antoine Kanaan Shares Industry Secrets | Monday Legal

Join our host Ahmed Elnaggar and our guest speaker Antoine Kanaan, Founder and CEO of HAQQ, for an enlightening discussion on Legal Tech: Revolutionizing the Legal Industry.

Tech isn't just a trend—it's reshaping every aspect of our lives. Antoine Kanaan highlights how legal tech is revolutionizing the legal field, allowing lawyers to be more productive and deliver better quality services to their clients. With the right tools and technologies, lawyers can fulfill their societal mission more effectively, ensuring clients have proper representation and access to justice.

We will delve into the applications of legal tech that truly work in the legal world. While some may confuse what is Tech and what is Legaltech, Antoine Kanaan highlights how to distinguish between them.

Technology is not the enemy, lawyers are embracing Legaltech tools to enhance productivity and serve clients more efficiently. Our expert emphasizes “a good lawyer with the right tech behind them becomes a great lawyer”.

While the advantages of Legaltech are clear, Antoine Kanaan sheds light on the fact that a small fraction of lawyers worldwide have fully embraced it. He delves into the difficulties associated with identifying the ideal legal platform and highlights HAQQ's mission to address this challenge.

Don't miss this insightful conversation on the future of law and the transformative power of technology.

Episode 3: Exploring Financial Free Zones and Maritime Law with Hari Krishna | Monday Legal

Dive into Episode 3 of our captivating podcast series, launching today! 

Join our host Ahmed Elnaggar and guest speaker Hari Krishna, CEO at Nimble Legal for an enlightening exploration of diverse legal realms.

From dissecting the nuances of common law versus civil law jurisdictions to delving into the fascinating world of maritime law, this episode is packed with invaluable insights.

Discover why legal costs in Dubai rival those of major global cities and unravel the mechanisms driving swift settlements in the UAE legal system. Gain expert tips on negotiation strategies, contract analysis, and navigating the intricacies of acquisitions.

Our guest speaker Hari Krishna, shares firsthand experiences and insights on doing business in the UAE, shedding light on the challenges faced by first-generation entrepreneurs.

Tune in today to unlock the secrets of financial free zones, distinguish between court systems, and explore the mentorship landscape within the legal profession.

Episode 2: Unlocking Legal Expertise with Yousef Al Amly | Monday Legal

Brace yourself for an enlightening discussion in our upcoming episode!

Join our host, Ahmed Elnaggar, and guest speaker Yousef Al Amly, a dual-qualified Partner at GLA & Company, as they uncover the fusion of local expertise and global practices in crafting unparalleled legal strategies.

Discover invaluable perspectives on the crucial roles of understanding common law, civil law, and local intricacies in successfully closing deals.

Gain invaluable knowledge from Yousef Al Amly an expert in Capital Markets and M&A deals, as he shares nuanced approaches that make a significant impact. Explore the challenges, self-education, risks, and hard work that shape a prosperous legal career.

Don't miss out on this empowering discussion on seizing control of your future and investing in personal growth! Make sure you catch this enlightening dialogue!

Episode 1: Legal Boundaries in the UAE with Ahmed Odeh | Monday Legal

Welcome to the very first episode of "Monday Legal," brought to you by "The Jurist". This week, we are thrilled to kick off our series with an exceptional guest, Ahmed Odeh, a distinguished figure in the legal field.

Explore the intricate dance between the digital world and legal boundaries, starting with a candid introduction to Ahmed Odeh. Who is he? What drives him? We unfold the story of the man behind the legal successes. We then delve into the significant impact of online posts and social media interactions, and how these digital footprints are perceived in the eyes of UAE courts. Understanding the legal implications of our online presence has never been more critical, and Ahmed Odeh sheds light on this modern legal frontier.

The conversation takes a crucial turn towards the concept of KYC - Know Your Client. In an era where transparency is key, we discuss why every entrepreneur must not only understand KYC but also integrate it into their business practices from the get-go.

Transitioning from legal practice to legal management, we uncover how managing partners of law firms embody the spirit of entrepreneurship. Ahmed Odeh shares his insights on balancing legal expertise with business acumen in the competitive landscape of law.

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