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Episode 3: Exploring Financial Free Zones and Maritime Law with Hari Krishna | Monday Legal

Dive into Episode 3 of our captivating podcast series, launching today! 

Join Host Ahmed Elnaggar and guest speaker Hari Krishna, CEO at Nimble Legal for an enlightening exploration of diverse legal realms.

From dissecting the nuances of common law versus civil law jurisdictions to delving into the fascinating world of maritime law, this episode is packed with invaluable insights.

Discover why legal costs in Dubai rival those of major global cities and unravel the mechanisms driving swift settlements in the UAE legal system. Gain expert tips on negotiation strategies, contract analysis, and navigating the intricacies of acquisitions.

Our guest speaker Hari Krishna, shares firsthand experiences and insights on doing business in the UAE, shedding light on the challenges faced by first-generation entrepreneurs.

Tune in today to unlock the secrets of financial free zones, distinguish between court systems, and explore the mentorship landscape within the legal profession.

Episode 3: Law Landscapes

Get ready for Episode 3 of our podcast series, premiering today!

Join Host Ahmed Elnaggar and guest speaker Hari Krishna, CEO at Nimble Legal as they delve into fascinating legal topics.

From unraveling the mysteries of common law and civil law jurisdictions to exploring the intersection between maritime law and personal experiences, this episode promises insights galore.

Tune in today to learn about financial free zones, court distinctions, and the mentorship dynamic within the legal profession. Don't miss out!

Episode 3:Navigating Legal Costs

Join us for Episode 3 of our legal series, airing live on February 19th!

In this episode, host Ahmed Elnaggar and guest speaker Hari Krishna, CEO at Nimble Legal dive into the cost factor of legal services in the UAE.

Discover why legal costs in Dubai can be comparable, if not higher, than in major cities like London or New York. Explore how the UAE legal system encourages swift settlements and the role of insurance in other jurisdictions.

Don't miss out on insights into negotiation strategies and predicting potential issues in contracts and acquisitions.


Episode 2: Unlocking Legal Expertise with Yousef Al Amly | Monday Legal

Brace yourself for an enlightening discussion in our upcoming episode!

Join our host, Ahmed Elnaggar, and guest speaker Yousef Al Amly, a dual-qualified Partner at GLA & Company, as they uncover the fusion of local expertise and global practices in crafting unparalleled legal strategies.

Discover invaluable perspectives on the crucial roles of understanding common law, civil law, and local intricacies in successfully closing deals.

Gain invaluable knowledge from Yousef Al Amly an expert in Capital Markets and M&A deals, as he shares nuanced approaches that make a significant impact. Explore the challenges, self-education, risks, and hard work that shape a prosperous legal career.

Don't miss out on this empowering discussion on seizing control of your future and investing in personal growth! Make sure you catch this enlightening dialogue!

Episode 2: The Journey to a Successful Legal Career

Explore the journey of making career decisions in the legal field in our upcoming episode!

Join us as will delve into the challenges, self-education, risks, and hard work involved in shaping a successful legal career. Don't miss this empowering discussion with Yousef Al Amly, Partner and Head of Corporate at GLA & Company on taking charge of your future and investing in yourself!

Episode 2: Navigating Legal Success

Step into the world of M&A and capital market law in the UAE with our upcoming episode!

Our next guest Yousef Al Amly Partner and Head of Corporate at GLA & Company will discuss how local expertise blends with global practices to shape unique legal strategies.

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Episode 1: Legal Boundaries in the UAE with Ahmed Odeh | Monday Legal

Welcome to the very first episode of "Monday Legal," brought to you by "The Jurist". This week, we are thrilled to kick off our series with an exceptional guest, Ahmed Odeh, a distinguished figure in the legal field.

Explore the intricate dance between the digital world and legal boundaries, starting with a candid introduction to Ahmed Odeh. Who is he? What drives him? We unfold the story of the man behind the legal successes. We then delve into the significant impact of online posts and social media interactions, and how these digital footprints are perceived in the eyes of UAE courts. Understanding the legal implications of our online presence has never been more critical, and Ahmed sheds light on this modern legal frontier.

The conversation takes a crucial turn towards the concept of KYC - Know Your Customer. In an era where transparency is key, we discuss why every entrepreneur must not only understand KYC but also integrate it into their business practices from the get-go.

Transitioning from legal practice to legal management, we uncover how managing partners of law firms embody the spirit of entrepreneurship. Ahmed shares his insights on balancing legal expertise with business acumen in the competitive landscape of law.

Episode 1: A Legal Masterclass

We are bringing Mr. Ahmed Odeh the Managing Partner of MIO law firm to speak about many important legal topics that affect you on a daily basis.

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Episode 1: Unveiling Our Premier Guest!

Our first guest speaker is Mr. Ahmed Odeh the Managing Partner of MIO law firm.

One of the best and most famous lawyers in the UAE’s social media. Brace yourself for an episode filled with legal insights and expertise brought to you by our distinguished guest speaker.

Credits to Creative Producer Daria Razorenova

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