Urs Stirnimann

Chairman, Swiss Academy
Urs Stirnimann

Urs Stirnimann Urs Stirnimann

Economic Substance – Huge opportunity for the UAE

Introduction At the end of 2017, the European Union reacted to the reality that many foreign companies were very successful in Europe making billions of profit...

06 Oct, 2023
Urs Stirnimann Urs Stirnimann

How to migrate your business to UAE

Migration is a regular process in human history. Humans always migrated from less beneficial locations to places with a better future. Companies, if the legal ...

23 Jun, 2020
Urs Stirnimann Urs Stirnimann


Substance is becoming an important word in the corporate field, and for many in the offshore sector, it could become quite a challenge. It all started a f...

21 May, 2020
Urs Stirnimann Urs Stirnimann

Foundations in the Middle East

The passing of wealth from one generation to the other with a public benefit has been done in the Muslim world since the times of Prophet Mohammed in the form o...

16 Jan, 2019
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