Sameer A. Khan

General Manager, SK Legal Consultants FZ-LLC

Sameer is the General Manager of SK Legal Consultants FZ-LLC. He is an accomplished legal professional having diverse experience across the entire spectrum of legal practice.
Sameer has practiced in the UAE for the past 13 years. He is a Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales.. 

He read Modern History and Economics at Pembroke College, University of Oxford before completing his legal education. Prior to qualifying as a Solicitor, he had completed the Bar Vocational Course and was admitted into the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn in 2006 and called to the Bar in 2007.

Practice Areas: 
Construction Disputes, Real estate, Arbitration, Criminal Law, Commercial Advisory, Litigation, DIFC Courts, Dubai Courts

Sameer works in collaboration with licensed local law firms to assist clients with disputes in Dubai and Sharjah Courts. Sameer has represented clients before various alternative dispute resolution forums, including ICC Arbitrations seated in Abu Dhabi, London, and Singapore as well as DIFC-LCIA & DIAC Arbitrations seated in Dubai.

Sameer A. Khan

Sameer A. Khan Sameer A. Khan

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Sameer A. Khan Sameer A. Khan

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Sameer A. Khan Sameer A. Khan

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