Raluca Gatina

Partner – Legal Director, Elnaggar & Partners

Areas of Practice: Corporate Law, Administrative Law, Contract Law, International Law, Wills Drafting, Commercial Litigation, Civil Litigation, Employment Law

Languages: Romanian, English

Raluca Gatina

Raluca Gatina Raluca Gatina

Property Mortgage Consequences of Default on a Payment

Overview In order for The Property Mortgage to cover a property value, the debtor must provide a security for the repayment of the mortgage to the creditor. ...

10 Nov, 2023
Raluca Gatina Raluca Gatina

Non-English Speakers Can Now Register Wills in DIFC More Easily

In a previous publication, I provided details about the Dubai International Financial Center, Will (DIFC Will) and its registration process. In this article, I...

17 Aug, 2023
Raluca Gatina Raluca Gatina

Choosing Calm Over Chaos: The Rise of Divorce Settlements

“Our value in life is defined by what we do. Achievement is similar to love, they both grow by sacrifice and both are essential for life” - Sheikh M...

22 Jun, 2023
Raluca Gatina Raluca Gatina

Possession of dangerous animals in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is a country well-known, not just for its luxurious lifestyle, amazing cars or its futuristic buildings, but also for its exotic pets. ...

07 Jul, 2021
Raluca Gatina Raluca Gatina

Buying real estate property in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

As Dubai became one of the most futuristic cities in the world, and the United Arab Emirates one of the most desired countries to live in, a lot of people would...

16 Aug, 2020
Raluca Gatina Raluca Gatina

Organ donation in UAE

ORGAN DONATION IN ISLAM Most Islamic religious leaders accept organ donation during life (provided it does not harm the donor) and after death to save a life. ...

06 May, 2020
Raluca Gatina Raluca Gatina

Have you heard about DIFC Wills?

"The UAE has established itself as a global role model for tolerance. We cherish tolerance as a key value yet we intend to transform that value into sustainable...

29 Jan, 2020
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