Cyrus Izibili

Legal Advisor

Areas of Practice: Legal Compliance, Corporate Law, Financial Planning, Wealth Management, Financial Markets

Languages: Arabic, English and French

Cyrus Izibili

Cyrus Izibili Cyrus Izibili

UAE business sponsorship: partnership & service agent

Pre-Direct Investment Law (DIL) 2018, an expatriate who seeks to set up a business was required to have a registered business license on the mainland under the ...

02 Sep, 2022
Cyrus Izibili Cyrus Izibili

Reputation, libel, insult and disclosure of secrets in the UAE

This legal article shall highlight the effect of an insult, whether true or false, on the perpetrator and the victim of such an action. The legal instruments ar...

15 Nov, 2021
Cyrus Izibili Cyrus Izibili

Debt management: prevention and mitigation against the Covid-19

In 2020 the world economy came to a standstill, and the world's major industries nearly stopped. The reason behind it is COVID-19. This article will discuss the...

08 Sep, 2020
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