Camilla Forest

Legal Consultant

Practice areas: Labor law, Corporate and Criminal Finance Law

Languages: English, French and Portuguese.

Camilla Forest

Camilla Forest Camilla Forest

Slander, insult, and defamation: the ultimate social media guide according to the UAE laws

The responsibility for acts practiced on the internet is the same as that in the physical world, and in UAE, the legislation is harsh, and the online offenders ...

10 Sep, 2020
Camilla Forest Camilla Forest

All you need to know about part-time employment in UAE

Although the full-time workday is still the most common in several companies, other modalities have gained evidence and become more and more frequent in the mar...

27 Aug, 2020
Camilla Forest Camilla Forest

Everything you need to know about maternity leave in UAE

Working mothers need to get a break from professional activities to welcome a new child in the family. The period of maternity leave is guaranteed by the UAE La...

19 Jul, 2020
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