Brett Westernoff

Legal Advisor

Areas of Practice: Criminal Justice, Financial Planning, Aviation Security, Finance, Financial Advisory, International Law

Languages: English

Brett Westernoff

Brett Westernoff Brett Westernoff

Deportation from the UAE

In the UAE, there are two types of deportation orders that can be imposed on residents and tourists, judicial and administrative deportation. In brief, legal de...

04 May, 2020
Brett Westernoff Brett Westernoff

Expat guide to giving birth in The UAE

Having a child is a huge step for married couples as they begin to prepare for parenthood. This transition can seem more like a jump for couples who are having ...

24 Sep, 2019
Brett Westernoff Brett Westernoff

Top 6 UAE customs and laws you should know before visiting The UAE

The UAE is a fascinating tourist destination, being one of the fastest growing countries in the world, a centralized global business hub for entrepreneurs and p...

02 May, 2019
Brett Westernoff Brett Westernoff

Obtaining UAE Residency by Property Investment

Dubai is the pinnacle global hub for expatriates, investors and entrepreneurs alike, and is widely considered a hidden gem for people who are looking to expand ...

14 Jan, 2019
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