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 Ahmed Gabr

 Ahmed Gabr Ahmed Gabr

Tax Disputes and Litigation

Overview With the application of excise tax and VAT in the UAE and Federal Decree-Law No. 47/2022 On the Taxation of Corporations and Businesses and since Oc...

22 Dec, 2023
 Ahmed Gabr Ahmed Gabr

Law of Evidence Concerning the Civil and Commercial Transactions in the UAE Number 35 of 2022

The Law of Evidence is the Law that regulates the methods of presenting proofs, Evidence, and supportive documents of a claim or defense. It does not stop here...

28 Dec, 2022
 Ahmed Gabr Ahmed Gabr

Did you catch your child shoplifting? What does one expect in such an event?

Have you ever gone shopping with your children and noticed your child has gone missing? How often do you not dismiss their playfulness and wonder where they are...

22 Nov, 2021
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