Succession Planning

Bhavika Hotwani

Estate Planning in Dubai: A Comparison Between DIFC Wills and DIFC Foundations for Succession Planning

  Dubai is a thriving city known for its cultural diversity, economic prosperity, and world-class infrastructure. Dubai offers an appealing landscape for ...
30 Aug, 2023
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Daria Tkachuk

Новые возможности для регистрации завещания в DIFC: без знания английского языка!

В нашей предыдущей статье мы предоставили вам общую инфомацию о Dubai International Financial Centre (пр...
22 Aug, 2023
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Raluca Gatina

Non-English Speakers Can Now Register Wills in DIFC More Easily

In a previous publication, I provided details about the Dubai International Financial Center, Will (DIFC Will) and its registration process. In this article, I...
17 Aug, 2023
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Daria Tkachuk


«Объединённые Арабские Эмираты зарекомендавали себя как мировой образец толерантн...
29 May, 2023
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Ahmed Elnaggar

Unless you are immortal, you should have a Will

Everyone should write their last Will. I have been saying this for years, before the 2020 global pandemic crisis, during its time, and until now. I am sure I w...
26 Jul, 2020
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Joella Mistry Thibodeau

Ras Al Khaimah introduces Foundation structures

The Ras Al Khaimah International Corporate Centre (RAK ICC) announced the launch of a new ‘Foundations’ regime with the issuance of the RAK ICC Foun...
21 May, 2020
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Yann Mrazek

Challenging times? Think and act like a Hedgehog!

In a matter of days, the COVID-19 Pandemic has had a dramatic effect on regional businesses. The slowdown is palatable across most industries. Delayed payments...
28 Apr, 2020
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Ahmed Elnaggar

Remote registration of a DIFC Will during COVID-19 pandemic

Latest updates regarding the DIFC Will registration process  Staring from 1st of April 2020 the new DIFC Wills and Probate system allows the Testator and ...
13 Apr, 2020
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Raluca Gatina

Have you heard about DIFC Wills?

"The UAE has established itself as a global role model for tolerance. We cherish tolerance as a key value yet we intend to transform that value into sustainable...
29 Jan, 2020
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Michael Lane

How to opt out of Sharia Inheritance Law

Inheritance in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) What happens to my family and assets following my death? A question that troubles a lot of expatriates living in ...
27 Dec, 2019
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Urs Stirnimann

Foundations in the Middle East

The passing of wealth from one generation to the other with a public benefit has been done in the Muslim world since the times of Prophet Mohammed in the form o...
16 Jan, 2019
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