Ahmed Elnaggar

Why Authenticity Outshines Advertising in the Legal Field

In a world increasingly dominated by the fast-paced allure of instant gratification, the concept of organic growth in the professional world, stands as a testam...
02 Nov, 2023
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Ammar ElBanna

Are You Okay, Big Shot?

  Mental Health In The Workplace Matters-Breaking the Silence in Law Firms in the Middle East In the fast-paced world of law firms, where the billable ho...
02 Oct, 2023
Jhasmin Ebrahimnia

How to become a successful law student

 “Law is a three-step ladder: learning the law is the first step, knowing the Law is a progress, while practicing the Law is an act of philanthropism...
16 Jul, 2020
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Chris Lipscomb

The qualities law firms look for in lawyers during the COVID-19 inflicted downturn

The COVID 19 pandemic is touching all aspects of our business/economic environment as well as having a very real impact on our personal lives. While law firms a...
21 Apr, 2020
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