Cyber Crime

Cyrus Izibili

Reputation, libel, insult and disclosure of secrets in the UAE

This legal article shall highlight the effect of an insult, whether true or false, on the perpetrator and the victim of such an action. The legal instruments ar...
15 Nov, 2021
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Camilla Forest

Slander, insult, and defamation: the ultimate social media guide according to the UAE laws

The responsibility for acts practiced on the internet is the same as that in the physical world, and in UAE, the legislation is harsh, and the online offenders ...
10 Sep, 2020
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Dr. Laura Voda

Website cloning – a business reality with intricate legal consequences

The newest and most effective marketing tool for business exists nowadays in the digital world. Whereas a good and attractive website has all the prerequisites ...
05 Aug, 2020
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Patricia Antoci

Can your online behavior take you to jail?

Once upon a time, there was an incredible place called Internet. This was a place where you could find all sorts of information, a place from where you could co...
15 Dec, 2019
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