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Sameer A. Khan

How UAE Deals With Certain Common Issues In Construction Disputes

Construction projects are often complicated and involve high stakes. There are certain issues that are peculiar to construction projects. In this article, we wi...
08 Jul, 2024
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Mohamed Bayad

Construction disputes – Ways to resolve

When a construction dispute is not resolved, employers and contractors are in general cautious to proceed with litigation for many reasons, where then they will...
28 May, 2024
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Elleonor Grace E. Apostol

Tourist Taxes in the UAE: What Travelers Need to Know

Overview In the UAE, tourist tax regimes are different across the country. Not all of the Emirates apply such a tax. With the introduction of these taxes, h...
16 Dec, 2023
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Ahmed Gabr

Law of Evidence Concerning the Civil and Commercial Transactions in the UAE Number 35 of 2022

The Law of Evidence is the Law that regulates the methods of presenting proofs, Evidence, and supportive documents of a claim or defense. It does not stop here...
28 Dec, 2022
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Mohamed Abdelrehiem


On 3 October 2022, the UAE enacted Federal Decree-Law No.42, which will come into effect as of 2 January 2023. The new UAE Civil Procedures Law (the “New ...
28 Dec, 2022
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Maria Lorenza Cremaschi

Cásate conmigo en los Emiratos Árabes Unidos: Matrimonio civil

QUÉ ES UN MATRIMONIO CIVIL? Un matrimonio civil es la unión legal de un hombre y una mujer no musulmanes solemnizada como un contrato civil, sin ...
25 Nov, 2022
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Imran Khan

All you need to know about accidents and Personal Injury Compensation

Whenever an accident happens and a person gets injured, the police should be called. Whether an accident is considered a small or a major one, calling the Polic...
24 Nov, 2022
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Raluca Gatina

Possession of dangerous animals in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is a country well-known, not just for its luxurious lifestyle, amazing cars or its futuristic buildings, but also for its exotic pets. ...
07 Jul, 2021
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Hari Wadhwana

Does non-payment of civil claims lead up to imprisonment?

Introduction Lawyers are often posed with the question by clients as to what happens subsequent to their success in a civil claim. Particularly, a common quest...
21 Mar, 2021
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Patricia Antoci

The magical mean for hassle-free debt recovery

Payment Orders The payment order is a much-needed and useful method to recover debts whenever a debt is formed by a certain amount of money or an identifiable ...
14 Jan, 2021
Dr. Laura Voda

Website cloning – a business reality with intricate legal consequences

The newest and most effective marketing tool for business exists nowadays in the digital world. Whereas a good and attractive website has all the prerequisites ...
05 Aug, 2020
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Sandeep Bhalothia

MoU in UAE: concept, enforceability and drafting tips!

What is a Memorandum of Understanding or the Letter of Intent? A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) or the Letter of Intent (LoI) is a preliminary document ente...
09 Jun, 2020
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Patricia Antoci

Are you in a relationship? A legal one?

As per the UAE’s regulations, the only legal bond for a man and a woman to establish a relationship and form a family is marriage. Cohabitation for unmarr...
11 May, 2020
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Raluca Gatina

Organ donation in UAE

ORGAN DONATION IN ISLAM Most Islamic religious leaders accept organ donation during life (provided it does not harm the donor) and after death to save a life. ...
06 May, 2020
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Patricia Antoci

Do Women have rights in the UAE?

It is 2020, and yet some people around the globe are still wondering about the women’s status in UAE: “Are they allowed to marry whoever they want?&...
26 Apr, 2020
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Mohamed Abdelrehiem

COVID-19 effect on the education business: know your rights

The COVID-19 pandemic has had unprecedented effects on individuals and corporations all around the world, causing major societal shifts and has resulted in unfo...
07 Apr, 2020
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Poojitha Janarthanan

COVID-19 and force majeure: are we there yet?

As a result of the unprecedented spread and impact of COVID-19, governments and other public authorities have imposed various containment restrictions to moveme...
25 Mar, 2020
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Helen Tung

Force majeure and the Coronavirus

 I. Introduction As at the time of writing this article, the coronavirus has infected more than 90,000 people. Today 22 March 2020 more than 267,000 peopl...
22 Mar, 2020
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