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Cyrus Izibili

Debt management: prevention and mitigation against the Covid-19

In 2020 the world economy came to a standstill, and the world's major industries nearly stopped. The reason behind it is COVID-19. This article will discuss the...
08 Sep, 2020
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Ahmed Elnaggar

Bounced cheque explained

I intend to explain in the simplest way possible how a cheque work and how it becomes a bounced cheque as per the UAE law. If you are a resident of United Arab...
27 May, 2020
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David Karl Jandrasits

UAE/Switzerland: Recovery of Retrocessions (Kickbacks) from Swiss Banks and Financial Service Providers

Executive summary: Private and business account-holders in Switzerland are entitled to substantial compensation claims against Swiss banks and financial servic...
20 Apr, 2020
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